Notices -

Friday 5th of April, 2024

Meeting / Practices Location When Staff
All International Students Assembly Theatre Wed 10 Apr 8.45 GBE
  There is an International Students Assembly in the theatre on Wednesday during homeroom time.

Notices Staff
All Library Password TRN
  Please check your school email. All passwords for the Library and e-books have been reset. Your email has your password. You must login to the library once for authenication before logging into the icon for e-books. Happy holiday reading everyone!

All Loan Devices TPL
  Must be returned at 3.15 pm. Failure to do so, will result in a Deans detention.

All No sports jackets TPL
  Are to be worn with school uniform. These are for training/sport not school.
Many thanks

All Summer Photos KMY
  Please take a note of the summer photo schedule for Monday 8th April.


All Tongan Cultural Group OAA
  Group photo on Monday, come in Formal Tongan School uniform.

All Young Vinnies DSE
  If any Young Vinnies are able to help out at the school fair on Saturday or Sunday, please go and see Mrs Jennings in the Uniform Shop. Thank you

Years 11-13 Room Changes for Thu & Fri JLE
  Please note the following room changes for Thursday and Friday this week.

Period 5 - 12ENX (DNO) to K17
Period 6 - 12RST (MOD) to K17

Period 1 - 12RST (MOD) to K17
Period 2 - 12ENX (DNO) to K15
Period 3 - 11ENG (CYG) to F8
Period 4 - 13ESS (GVA) to F6
Period 5 - 12HIS (NCD) to P3
Period 6 - 12ENG (GVA) to K8

Kia ora.

Years 11-13 Vehicle passes TPL
  Students bringing a vehicle to school must complete a vehicle permission pass.