Notices -

Wednesday 3rd of April, 2024

Meeting / Practices Location When Staff
Years 9-13 2nd XV, Under 15 Open, Under 14 Open Rugby School Auditorium Wed 3 Apr 10.45am,12.50pm FSS
  2nd XV Rugby: Students trialing today must attend a meeting with Mr Stowers at Morning Interval today in the Auditorium

Under 15 Open and Under 14 Open: Students trialing today must attend a meeting with Mr Stowers at lunchtime today in the Auditorium

Years 9-13 Restricted Grade Rugby Trining Rugby Fields 5 and 6 Wed 3 Apr 3.30pm FSS
  Training after school today on Fields 5 and 6 for 5th Grade, 6th Grade and Under 15 Restricted Rugby sides. Make sure you have training gear, rugby boots and a water bottle

Years 9-13 Robotics Practice R10 Thu 4 Apr 3.30pm AMX
  The first senior robotics session will be on Thursday 3.30pm in R10.

Years 9-13 Rugby Weigh In today School Auditorium Foyer Wed 3 Apr 10.45am FSS
  Students still yet to weigh in and register to play rugby for the school this year must do so at Morning Interval today in the Auditorium Foyer

Notices Staff
All Joining Young Vinnies DSE
  If you would like to join Young Vinnies for 2024 please join the Google Classroom with code dgkb4v4 Past members need to join again this year. Leadership applications are also on Google Classroom.

All Loan Devices TPL
  Must be returned at 3.15 pm. Failure to do so, will result in a Deans detention.

All No sports jackets TPL
  Are to be worn with school uniform. These are for training/sport not school.
Many thanks

All Sprint Training MHS
  There is no sprint training after school this afternoon.

All Year 12 Business Studies Market Day Parnell Market CLD
  Our Year 12 Business Studies are doing their Market Day at Parnell Farmers Market on 6th April 2024 from 8.30 am onwards, come along and support your friends by bringing your Parents, Aunties, Uncles. There will be an ATM machine available if you dont carry cash. If you need anymore information contact Mrs Leyland [email protected]. See you all there

Years 11-13 Vehicle passes TPL
  Students bringing a vehicle to school must complete a vehicle permission pass.

Years 9-13 Badminton KML
  Badminton practice is on in the gym at lunchtime today for students playing in advanced and social grade teams. Please remember that you cannot play in school uniform.